Welcome! I'm Divya Siddarth.

I am a political economist, social technologist, and sunset epicure. I work to enable collective intelligence for collective flourishing.


As co-founder of the Collective Intelligence Project, I work on advancing collective intelligence capabilities for transformative technology governance. At CIP, we believe that progress and participation don't have to trade off, and we're excited to enable experiments that prove it.

Outside of CIP, I build technological systems at Microsoft, imagine pluralistic worlds with Verses, and scaffold new political economies with Metagov, RadicalXChange, and the Ostrom Workshop.

I also seed ideas, some of which take root, and some of which do not. Drafts I'm currently excited about that I hope will survive the winter: science fiction political systems reading group, legal structures for organizational value accounting beyond the corporate form, funding supermodular goods.

At the moment, I probably live in place P s.t. P ∈ [NYC, Oxford, SF, LA], although I'm working on reducing the set for the sake of my plants, partner, and baby kombucha.

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Write to divya@cip.org if you want to say hello.